• VR App

    Experience our production line
    in virtual reality


Available for mobile devices with Android and iOS.


Discover our Redblocsystems-production line as a virtual tour and explore the production steps and robots closely. 


The 360° camera offers you a view like you are standing in the middle of the production. For a unique experience the 360° virtual tour can be created with the VR-Headset.

The virtual tour is completed with informative interviews with Alexander Penzkofer, CEO of Redbloc-Elements GmbH in Bavaria / Germany and Ing. Markus Graubohm, Manager of the work group Masonry on the ibac-Institut for building research in Aachen / Germany. 

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Redblocsystems Virtual Reality as App for Mobil or Tablet -  how it works!

  1. Scan the QR-Code given below with a QR-Code-Scanner and download the App. Alternatively enter the link and download the App.
  2. Android: After scanning the QR-Code the App will be installed from Google Play Store directly and can be used immediately. 
  3. iOS: After the completed download, installation and *relase of the developer' (see footer below) the App can be used. 
  4. If you own a Virtual Reality Headset you can use the Redblocsystems App after addional installation of the VR-Matterport with the VR-glasses. 


*iOS- release of developer: As the iOS-App can not be installed via the App Store it is necessary on Apple devices to trust "GPIX GmbH" as developer. .
As next step after installing the App go to *Setting >> General >> Profiles & Device Management and click on the enterprise-app GPIXS GmbH and click on trust GPIXS GmbH. After this step the App can be used. 

Installation for mobile devices with Android-operating system (Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi...)

Click here to open the download link for the app manually.

Installation for mobile devices with iOS-operating system (Apple iPhone or iPad)

Click here to open the download link for the app manually.

Redblocsystems Virtual Reality - open on PC or Tablet

Alternative to the App our virtual tour can be opened directly on PC or Tablet with a webbrowser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer).

Link: https://playerv3.gpixs.com/redbloc