Redblocsystems supplies production lines for production of prefabricated wall elements made of mineralic building blocks like ceramic bricks, aerated concrete, silica blocks, expanded clay blocks etc. Depending on the requirements and concept 3 different system configurations are currently used.

  • Redbloc Economic 
    (fully automated production line)
  • Redbloc Advanced 
    (fully automated production line)
  • Redbloc Semiauto
    (semi-automated production line)

In all 3 versions of production lines wall elements are produced to exact measure out of ceramic bricks, aerated concrete, silica blocks. All necessary cutouts like sloping roof elements, roof beams or stringers, installation ducts, door and window openings are manufactured fully automated.


The production lines Redbloc Semiauto and Redbloc Economic require whole blocks and corresponding half formats for each wall thickness. Redbloc Semiauto can be designed to be upgradeable to a Redbloc Economic line at any time.


The Redbloc Advanced line is designed especially for filled blocks. In this production line beginner and end pieces are cut to the millimeter. Therefore the wall elements or window reveals can be produced without cutting surfaces. In this version lifting holes are fully automated drilled depending on the automatically calculated center of gravity. Due to this concept no half formats are needed. 


General technical data: 

Basic material: all type of solid building blocks like ceramic bricks, aerated concrete, silica blocks etc.

Production time: from final construction drawing to the final produced wall - 1 hour

The wall elements are immediately ready for transportation.

*Productivity: app. 150.000 - 200.000 m2 wall elements per year 

*The achievable production data depend on used building materials and on size of wall elements. 

Automation level: fully automated or semi-automated production line

Thicknesses of wall elements:  from 10 to 51 cm

Max possible height of wall: 3.500 mm 

Max possible length of wall: 5.000 – 8.000 mm

Return of Investment: app. 3-5 years

Necessary number of employees: 5-6 employees

Necessary building dimensions: 

app. 60 x 20 x 6 m for fully automated production line

app. 30 x 18 x 6 m for semi-automated production line

Additional options: Optionally, a grinding machine to achieve the best plane parallelity of stones and an area for the production of the necessary half-formats can be integrated into the production line.


In offer are included CAD Software, equipment design, assembly, education, start up, necessary drawings and documentation. 

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